About us

Syntera is a consultant company focused on providing design services to professional clients active in digital design. We work mainly with digital design of ASICs and FPGAs, and we provide all levels of service in this area from single chips to entire systems.

Syntera provides the entire chain of design solutions ranging from studies through specification and design to verification and system integration. We also have the ability to take on tasks like implementation responsibility and technical project management.

Our clients

The main part of our clients are companies active within the telecom and defence businesses.

We focus on the following clients:

  • Clients with a high competence within digital design, where we can be resource reinforcement during project peaks.
  • Client that have not yet developed competence within ASIC and FPGA development, where we can take the function of competence reinforcement at different levels in a project.
  • Clients that do not have ASIC and FPGA development within their core business, where we can take the role of a total supplier for the design of a sub-system that we develop at our own site, and deliver at a fixed price.

Our associates

A high technical competence is not enough to be an efficient consultant. A high level of social capability, a perceptive nature and the ability to adapt to different situations is equally important to be of maximum value for the client. We put great effort in all of these areas during recruitment and development of our associates.

We are used to working with classified material, and stress the importance of maintaining security. Our associates are subjects to a security screening and have a security act drawn up with Syntera at employment.

The applications for ASIC and FPGA solutions are plentiful and the market is expanding. Synteras goal is to continue to grow faster than the market.

If you want more information or want to use our services, you are welcome to contact us.