Project experiences

  • Digital pulse-compression using FFT.
  • 32-bit fault-tolerant real-time kernel for space application.
  • Support circuit for MA31750 processor.
  • CardBus-interface with FIFO-function and interface to internal ARM AHB-bus.
  • Motor-control circuit for industrial robot.
  • Signal processing ASIC for airborne radar system.

  • Sub-block in TDMA-based mobile communication system with wireless ATM.
  • Method development for FPGA design.
  • Design of a PCI interface for a DSP cluster based on a IP core from Xilinx.
  • FPGA design for defence microwave communication link project.
  • Signal processing for military radar.
  • Fast prototyping using FPGA in parallel with ASIC-development in datacom projekt.
  • Cipher technology for military radio link project.
  • Interface for I.430 and I.431 highway for base-station project. (Cellular phones)
  • Ethernet interface for defense processor board.
  • FPGA-development for a fast industrial ink printer.
  • Circuit development for video grabbing system.
  • Project manager role i several development projects.
  • Processor-boards ranging from small eight-bit micro-controllers through DSP-boards to 64 bit high-end CPU boards.
  • Studies and reports.
  • Formal verification.
  • Methodology development.